Sedgefield U19 Water Polo Champions

On May 6, 2017 by Vicky Alderson

Sedgefield won the U19 Boys National Water Polo title after a dramatic penalty shootout against defending champions Exeter.

Tremendous efforts from both teams during the final match of the championships, with the scores level for most of the match.

Exeter held the lead during the closing stages of the game, and with one minute to go they looked to have the win.

However, just 57 seconds before the end of the match, a cracking shot from Michael Cousins put Sedgefield back in the game. At full time the scores were level, 8-8.

During the ensuing penalty shootout, Richard Murray produced yet another  outstanding performance while Sedgefield players Ben Stephenson, John Pratt and Mike Kelly clinically finished.

Sedgefield '99 NAGs Champions 2017

Sedgefield ’99 NAGs Champions 2017


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