What Does the Referee Know?

On October 19, 2017 by Richard Cousins

Every player believes they are right and the referee wrong.  How many times have your matches turned on a referees decision? Well why not test your knowledge of the game and see if you can do any better.

These are a selection of questions from a Grade D referees course.  If you sat the full exam its 80 to pass in 60 minutes open book. You’ll get a sample with this test.  Good luck

Referees Knowledge Check

RULES 11-13: How far away from each other should players be at the start of the game
RULE 20: A team have the ball but are making no attempt to move forward toward their opponents goal. What do you do?
RULE 20: After being awarded a free throw the attacker next to the ball takes no action for several seconds. What do you do?
RULE 20: An outfield attacking player punches the ball at halfway. What do you do?
RULES 14-19: Can a goal be scored direct from a free throw from a foul awarded inside the 5m line?
RULES 14-19: Two players simultaneously foul each other. What is awarded?
RULE 21: A player pushes you, the referee, as the team changes ends. What would you do?
RULE 22: As an attacker shoots, a defender inside 5m area punches the ball to deflect the shot. Wat would you award?
Rule 5: Can the defending teams coach move forwards during play
RULES 6-10: If the goal judge notices an illegal start, what signal should they give?
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