2009 & younger team travel to Manchester Festival


2009 & younger team travel to Manchester Festival

For many members of the team, this was their first match & tournament.

We played some big city teams, most with 2 teams in the tournament, all looking to have a full team of 2009 players.

Group stages the results were:

  • Sedgefield V Radcliffe Girls 6-11 (lost)
  • City Of Sheffield V Sedgefield 12-5 (lost)
  • Manchester Bees V Sedgefield 14-2 (lost)
  • Radcliffe Boys V Sedgefield 3-6 (won)
  • Radcliffe Girls V Sedgefield 5-4 (lost)

The team were very unlucky to lose the last match & it showed, just how much they'd learnt & started to play as a team, as the score showed (after the first round match against this team)

We're all really proud of  the team for iving it their best shot & really getting stuck in. Judging by the support & the smiles at the end, they all enjoyed it.

Thanks to Chris & Carole for coaching, Sarah for team managing & the parents for supporting.

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